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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Should You Take Matters Into Your Own Hands and Self-Publish? #EbooksPublishing

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Should You Take Matters Into Your Own Hands and Self-Publish? #EbooksPublishing

Tired of waiting for your writing career to kick off? Wish you could just forget the 400 rejection letters piling in your night table from countless 'paperback' publishers you have applied for? If so, then it is time to put the matter into your own hands and self-publish your work.

Self publishing is a rather new option for writers these days. If you have not heard of it, you must absolutely have noticed the rise of electronic books or eBooks. It became an instant hit for people of all ages around the world as the device offers a more convenient way to read, download, store and share the books they want. With a flick of a button, you can turn pages, save your place and do other things too. It is like a paperback book minus the bulky feature; just a portable, sleek, stylish and thin reading device.

So what is with these devices and what is it with you and your career? Well my friend, for you it is everything.

The surge of the EBook device has given birth to a new publishing revolution that can help you publish your books with thousands or millions of audience around the world. And most importantly, you can also make a handsome profit out of it, even make a name for yourself and join the ranks of elite self-published authors who earn millions today.

Aside from these, other benefits of self publishing your work includes:

Larger profit - with conventional publishing method, you only get about 10% to 40% if you are really lucky. This amount can hardly pay off the effort, time and sweat you shed in writing a masterpiece. But with self-publishing, you get to own as much as 70% on each book sold. Since you already have a channel to sell your book (through Kindle Book Publishing of course), selling your works becomes easier.

Control over the design - even on Kindle publishing, novels with attractive layout rules. This time, instead of the publishing agent, you have the final say on how your book design comes out. You can use or design your cover in ways that conventional publisher would probably not consider. As a result, you will have a strong sense of ownership with your book which could lead to fulfillment and satisfaction.

Retain all copyrights - this is very crucial for authors and with self-publishing you will be able to retain all copyrights. If your book does not sell the way you expected it to be, you can re-purpose your content i.e. video, articles for your website and even booklets as well as videos - no one can restrict you. You can definitely do so without any contractual repercussion.
Now, are you ready to make the greatest and perhaps the most significant leap in your writing career?

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