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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Free Ebooks - eBooks To Change the Way we Read and Write #EbooksPublishing

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Free Ebooks - eBooks To Change the Way we Read and Write #EbooksPublishing

The PC and the internet revolutionized the way we do business and the divertissements we now take for granted at home. They brought a new paradigm that shattered the boundaries separating the home and the office as well as between private and public lives.

With mobile computing now available through laptops and smartphones, they have created a seamless continuity between the two.

Along the way, the convergence of various information and entertainment media has reshaped the way people access, consume and archive data for whatever purpose they have.

The buzzword 'multimedia' has become a common word often abused but rightly used to describe what the consumer gets in his laptop or smartphone or his desktop at home and in the office. It is now a commodity taken for granted like the television and the newspaper were in past.

A Brief History

One latecomer that promises to further bring the benefits of mobile computing and multimedia access to the wired technology world is the eBook. The electronic book has been around since the internet found its way in homes and schools. It was a natural evolution from the word processing prowess of the PC that transformed words into digital bytes that can be created, stored and manipulated any way you want.

Entire books were digitized starting with the promotional product brochures stored in giveaway CDs, downloadable PDF files of manuals and 'how to' references that can be stored and retrieved on the PC. This is around the same time that the MP3 music listening on the iPod became popular to this day.

It was also natural to get PCs and laptops to view and read these PDF files whose pages resemble those of books.

But books continued to flourish and have, in fact, made online bookstores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other e-retailers of the physical printed book thrive successfully. For sure, the eBooks had been making inroads and there were PDAs and Pocket PCs before with large displays that allow you to read references and manuals that are uploaded to these devices.

But eBook reading really took off when the Kindle and the iPad and host of other gadgets designed primarily to display the pages of an eBook like what you'd see in a printed book, was offered to the public.

Today, the buzzword is viral marketing using free eBooks that not only have made reading classics and titles of great literature easily obtainable from digital libraries, but opens up a new way of writing as a promotional media to get visitors to your website.

Writing an eBook

Creating an eBook takes writing to a higher plane that requires some internet and technical savvy. Great writing skills that are valued by publishers in the past is no longer a crucial asset in making an eBook that will be used as a marketing media rather than a literary or journalistic one.

You only need a decent command of the language and some artistic flair to design the pages. However, getting the right keywords about your subject and getting them linked to related websites or blogs can make your eBook more exposed and popular.

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  1. I like to do my own ebook. I'll check this out as I have series of stories lined up for ebooks.

  2. This is indeed a great innovation as far as ebook publication is concerned. I presume that writing eBook is not too costly as compared to a traditional way of writing and publishing a book. I know there are a lot of apps to be used in making a writeups into an eBook.

  3. Now that we are embracing the modern technology and people are more engage with computers and Internet, I can say that Ebooks are becoming more relevant especially for those aspiring writers. It is more inexpensive too and less risky compare to the traditional way of publishing... wattpad for example has become very influential and many authors and their stories were recognized by the public.. some of them were adapted to films too

    For readers, i find ebooks more convenient and easily accessible too


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