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Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to Write a Manuscript #EBookPublishing

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How to Write a Manuscript #EBookPublishing

It is very important to understand how to write a manuscript properly before submitting it into a journal or magazines. Without a standard format your manuscripts can end up being a trash without being read thoroughly. This happens because editors may find it poorly formatted and does not reflect writers thought properly. You need to have precise ideas about some important guidelines for manuscript submission.

How to Write a Manuscript

Keep an eye on the article quality before submitting your manuscript. You also need to have proper planning. We will discuss more details about things to know before/after manuscript submission as the article progresses.

1. Research

You need to find out the best publication for your article. You need to know if the publication is suited for your article or they mostly publish different kinds of articles. Check the guidelines of the publication, and recheck your article. Does the magazine allow the genre of your article? Check if your writing style matches with the publication or not. Most publications and journals give proper instruction on how to write a manuscript. After a good research, you will find out the best match for your article. You can also re edit your article to fit with the publication.

2. Do Your Homework

The first and the most important thing is to maintain the quality of your article. Take your time to revise, edit and check for errors. A professional writer will provide flawless quality articles. You should try to be prominent from the others with full effort to make a difference.

- Your manuscript should look clean and smooth. Use white background and smooth font if you are writing it on a computer. The first impression should calm the reader and feel good about your writing.

- Choose your font type precisely. Most people use "Times New Roman 12" font for their manuscript. While some others use "Courier" for their manuscript format. You can choose your own front size and weight according to your manuscript.

- Make your pagination right. You can put the number in the right top corner of your page consecutively or can put it at the bottom. You do not need to put numbers on the first page.

- Give proper margin at the top, bottom and left-right side of your each manuscript. Mostly people use one inch margin to the left, right and one and half inch margins at the top and the bottom.

- Check page continuity. Use your last name at top left corner of your manuscript if using a computer. It will help you to keep track of your work in the future.

- Check the instruction of you selected journals. They will have some guideline on how to write a manuscript. Use their guidelines and make a proper manuscript for them.

3. Proofreading

Have you thoroughly checked your work for errors? Check if your manuscript is in the perfect form for submitting. Proofread your work. Make sure there are no grammatical, typos and spelling errors. Proofreading is a delicate work; hire someone else for it if possible. Make sure that your manuscript is in best form before submitting. Because any article filled with errors has less chance to be published.

4. Cover Letter

Including a cover letter with your manuscript will always put you in advanced situation. A simple letter with short description about your work will help them to determine if it is eligible for the article journal at first glance. Simply it will save time. They will also know about you, work and, especially, the quality of your manuscripts; if it is published earlier in another article journal or it is fresh for it.

5. Manuscript Submission

After all the hard work, you will find a good quality manuscript to submit. Before submitting the manuscript, triple check everything with the guidelines of how to write a manuscript. If you haven't chosen your journal or publication, choose the right journal for your manuscript. Re edit if it is necessary and then send it to the journal or magazine for publishing.

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